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I will provide executive leadership to reinforce WIPO’s position within the IP community by increasing effective cooperation among Member States, deepening the interaction with IGOs and NGOs, and improving services to bring value to our users.
Marco M. Alemán

Marco´s Story

Marco has been dedicated to the protection and development of intellectual property for over 30 years. He is a dedicated expert and scholar, who is committed to understanding the changing IP climate, and has extensive experience in multilateral negotiations. Marco has assisted countries in different regions throughout the world in drafting their IP laws and policies, and he is a dedicated WIPO international civil servant helping to solve global and national issues.

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Marco in the Media

Marco is an excellent person and prominent professional, who has worked for more than two decades in WIPO occupying important responsibilities within the organization and supporting the intellectual property systems around the world. It is a pride for all the professional who work linked to intellectual property in Latin America to have a WIPO Director General candidate like him, who is an example of what can be achieved when working with passion, dedication and commitment.


Olga Moreno (CL)

Partner, Head Patent Division, JarryIP SpA

Great programme. With your skills and experience, you could really give a boost to WIPO.


Cees Mulder (NL)

Professor of European Patent Law in a Global Context at Maastricht University and European Patent Attorney

Since the begining of campaign,the program of M.Aleman present good initiatives for development of IP.Good luck.

Martin Luther Nyate (CMR)

Juriste,Spécialiste en Droit de la PI,Expert/Trainer en Protection des Obtentions Vegetales (Convention UPOV)

As an Asian I also strongly believe that  Mr. Marco M. Alemán is the best one who can lead an organization like WIPO. He has a very good understanding of how to implement IP systems and strategies in different jurisdictions in the world. Best of luck Mr. Marco.


Asanka Suraweera (LKA)

Project Manager at Sri Lanka CERT|CC

“The best wishes for Marco Alemán to be the new Director General of WIPO and to exercise renewed leadership, with a greater balance between countries. Ibero-America has an excellent representative.”

Lorena Castellanos Penafiel (ECU)

Abogada. Derecho Internacional Económico, Propiedad Intelectual, Políticas Públicas y Derecho Constitucional.

Monsieur Marco M. Alemán est sans aucun doute le meilleur candidat pour diriger l’Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle – OMPI. J’ai été invité par Monsieur Alemán à la session SCP29 du Comité permanent du droit des brevets fin 2018 à Genève et j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir partager l’expèrience de l’Institut Pasteur de Tunis en matière de transfert téchnologique devant une audience internationale prestigieuse. Hormis un background exceptionnel et une expérience reconnue sur le plan international, à la fois dans le secteur académique que privé, j’ai aussi apprècié la modestie et la gentillesse de Monsieur Alemán. En tant que tunisien, je suis fier de donner mon soutien le plus fort à Monsieur Alemán.

Oussama Ben Fadhel (TUN)

Project Manager in Technology transfer at Institut Pasteur de Tunis

“The long road to international leadership is built step by step. Such is the case of Marco M. Aleman and his work developed within WIPO”

Dr. Andres Barreto (COL)

Director General of the Colombian Superintendence of Industry and Commerce

Marco is clearly the best candidate. He has more than 20 years of professional work at expert and managerial levels at WIPO; since 2013 has been Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Law of Patents at WIPO; he is a known expert on the Paris Convention (PC), the Patent Law Treaty (PLT) and the Budapest Treaty (BT); he has assisted countries in different regions throughout the world, in drafting their IP laws and policies;  and he has contributed to patent-related flexibilities at the multilateral level with the work conducted at the Committee on IP and Development (CDIP), among many other of his accomplishments in IP.


Andrés Izquierdo (US)

IP Attorney - American University, Washington D.C. - Data, Cyberlaw, Artificial Intelligence - PIJIP -WCL

Marco Aleman deserves to be appointed as WIPO’s Director General, not only for his undisputed qualifications, evidenced by his long career in IP, but also by Marco’s unconditional promotion of efficient IP offices throughout Latin America, with WIPO’s support, that changed the outlook for protection of inventions and innovation in general, at the same time favorably impacting the doing business ranking of Latin American countries.


Ernesto Cavelier (COL)

Partner at Posse, Herrera & Ruiz

A historic option for Latin Americans to have, for the first time, a Spanish-speaking Director General, originally from Colombia but with half his professional life dedicated to WIPO in Geneva. For GRULAC there is no better option than the candidacy of Marco Matias Alemán.”

Jose Luis Caballero (MEX)

Socio Director en Jalife, Caballero & Asociados

My Vision

Positioning WIPO for the challenges ahead

WIPO’s shift to a more modern organizational and operational approach, reinforcing our position of leadership within the IP community, is…

Combining Insight and Experience with Inclusive Multilateralism

Our increasingly knowledge-based economies require well-functioning IP systems to thrive. WIPO plays a key role in supporting countries to identify…

Promoting efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the IP system

Core to WIPO’s mission is the delivery of efficient and cost-effective mechanisms for the protection of IP rights internationally. It is…

Assisting Member States to Benefit from IP Systems

The use of IP systems is highly concentrated and there are still a number of countries not yet reaping the…

Structuring WIPO’s Team for Agility to Accelerate Innovation

WIPO’s team must be ready for the disruption ahead. We can empower the staff to work more seamlessly across the…

Positioning WIPO for the challenges ahead
Combining Insight and Experience with Inclusive Multilateralism
Promoting efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the IP system
Assisting Member States to Benefit from IP Systems
Structuring WIPO’s Team for Agility to Accelerate Innovation

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