In 1968, IFIA was established to support inventors and innovations legally, intellectually, and financially. Now, with more than 52 years of continuous activity in the field of invention and innovation there are in excess of 165 members stemming from international institutions of invention and innovation in more than 100 countries. With the cooperation of many organizations such as ECOSOC, UNIDO, UNCTAD, Global Invention Exchange, WIPO, HKTDC, and Palexpo, as well as other organizations all around the world, we have been able to focus all of our effort on our main mentioned mission i.e. providing legal, intellectual and financial support to inventors.
Due to our proximity and common goals with WIPO, we have been in collaboration with this organization in many respects. As we will never forget the financial and intellectual support of Árpád Bogsch, we appreciated the continued support of Mr. Francis Gurry, General Director of WIPO.
IFIA has always been active in the affairs and events and has also joint projects with WIPO.

IFIA believes that its duty is to try and determine the best and must suitable candidate for the position of Director General in this year of election.
Hence, with all due respect to the other candidates, during 5 years of close acquaintance with Mr. Marco Matías Alemán, IFIA can say with certainty that he has been the most outgoing towards us and is a qualified, committed, and a worthy candidate for the post of Director-General of WIPO.
We have witnessed Mr. Alemán’s hard work to expand intellectual property and support of inventors and innovators in developed and developing countries and believe that he will be the right person to help us further our objectives as IFIA.


Sincerely Yours,
Alireza Rastegar
Preseident of IFIA
29 Feb 2020


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