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Marco Aleman has extensive knowledge and experience in intellectual property, including over 20 years of professional work at expert and managerial levels at WIPO, former Director of the Patent Law Division and he currently holds the post of Assistant Director General. After acting as Director of the Colombian Industrial Property Office,  he started his career in 1999 at WIPO as Principal Administrator of Cooperation Programs for the Development for Latin America and the Caribbean, then as Deputy Director of the Division Public Policy and Development, later as Deputy Director of the Patent Law Division, and currently as Director of the Patent Law Division. 

As a WIPO official, Marco Aleman has been assisting countries in different regions throughout the world, in drafting their IP laws and policies, has contributed on IP developments at the multilateral level, such as the work conducted at the Committee on IP and Development (CDIP) on patent-related flexibilities, and has acted since 2013 as Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Law of Patents (SCP),  doing key work for the promotion and implementation of multilateral treaties in the field of patents, namely, the Paris Convention (PC), the Patent Law Treaty (PLT) and the Budapest Treaty (BT). In late 1990, he also participated in the construction of the Andean Community (Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia) Intellectual Property Regime (Decision 486 of 2000). 

Regarding international projects, two achievements of Mr. Aleman worth mentioning are: 1. The design and implementation of an international program to assist under-resourced inventors to seek patent protection for their inventions (the Inventor assistance program), and 2. An international patent drafting program, aimed at creating local capacities in the elaboration of patent applications and improving the number of patents filed by residents.

Mr. Aleman is also active in academia, having been a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Munich, and current professor in industrial property in Colombia, Argentina, Italy, and Spain.

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