Positioning WIPO for the challenges ahead

WIPO’s shift to a more modern organizational and operational approach, reinforcing our position of leadership within the IP community, is just beginning. With over 20 years of experience delivering results at WIPO, I am committed to driving the organization into this new era.

We all feel the world changing rapidly around us, but we do not fully understand the impact this will have on innovation, creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, the IP system, and the way we do business. For WIPO to remain relevant, it needs to be agile enough to harness the disruption ahead. As we face the crossroads of the fourth industrial revolution, we must either embrace it or risk irrelevancy. Under my leadership, WIPO would continue to integrate technologies such as artificial intelligence in our activities, while demystifying the relationship of such advances with the IP system.

Like us, our stakeholders are reflecting on how the changes will affect them. We can support Member States and others to anticipate and react to important shifts affecting IP, offering guidance as to appropriate strategies. At the same time, it is imperative that we build resiliency into our systems and services, upon which millions of IP users depend, to ensure they remain cost-effective and reliable. This will require a renewed partnership with Member States and intensified engagement with IP users. Ultimately, strong partnerships will be essential to ensuring the IP system fulfils its potential to drive progress and enable economies to prosper.