Promoting efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the IP system

Core to WIPO’s mission is the delivery of efficient and cost-effective mechanisms for the protection of IP rights internationally. It is imperative that we continuously improve these systems to make sure they bring value to our users.

WIPO must invest in the infrastructure and technology to keep our registries functioning at the high-level standard that our users expect. Since international applications are at an all-time high, WIPO needs to develop tools to effectively manage these increasing numbers without sacrificing data safety, timeliness or the quality of the process and decisions we make. We can leverage our size and expertise to not only streamline our own operations, but also to support the work of Member States. WIPO should lead the charge to mainstream technologies based on artificial intelligence in the areas of automated classification, helpdesk services, machine translation, and data analysis. Through WIPO’s leadership and investment in testing, we can decrease the time and cost to adopt these advances.

To maximize the benefit, we have to expand our partnerships. We must align our registration systems and services with their current and future needs. This requires the development of tools while taking into account a wide variety of approaches, from the individual artist or inventor to public institutions, from small businesses to the largest corporations. And our tools and services should support offices of all sizes, from the smallest operations to the largest.