Structuring WIPO’s Team for Agility to Accelerate Innovation

WIPO’s team must be ready for the disruption ahead. We can empower the staff to work more seamlessly across the organization, encourage deeper collaboration, and reduce duplication. This includes creating new centers of excellence to leverage WIPO’s talent across sectors and allowing more room for targeted experimentation. In our projects, our routine practice should be to regularly pulse programs to ensure the best allocation of resources.

A key priority will be to attract and retain top talent who have the skills we need to succeed in the future. Our team should reflect not only a commitment to our mission but also the diversity of Member States and stakeholders we support. Gender equality and women empowerment will be high priorities of WIPO management.

Positioning WIPO for the future demands thoughtful leadership, built on the trust of Member States and all stakeholders. I can offer the leadership and transparency necessary to advance WIPO’s important work driving innovation, creativity, and the entrepreneurial spirit to everyone’s benefit.